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Solar Energy to RePower Your Home

The economics of rooftop solar will depend on where you reside, and the contour, size and direction of your roof. It will also depend on how much electricity your home will need once fully electrified.

Gridly takes the guesswork out of those variables. We will provide you with an initial estimate of power usage and size of system, and then follow on with a detailed solar design that takes all the specific roof details into account.

The other method—available in what is called ‘energy choice’ areas —allows you to purchase renewable power from a nearby community solar farm.. 


Solar Power Choices

Below are the two main modes of solar energy power that homeowners are investing in.

Rooftop Solar panel installation

Solar panel arrays are the most common form of onsite renewable energy production. Onsite renewable energy comes with an upfront cost, but, once that cost has been paid off, you’ll wind up paying virtually nothing for your energy needs. 

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Subscribe to a Community Solar project

In energy choice cities and towns in MA, you have another choice besides a rooftop solar installation. Subscribe to a local solar farm and get solar powered electricity plus 10 % billing credit.


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