Heat Pump Heating & Cooling


In Massachusetts, heating and cooling fuel is generally about 60% of total home energy usage. Replacing a fossil fuel furnace, boiler or A/C with heat pump systems is part of a good plan.
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Heat pump systems designed with smart technology.

The key to a successful heat pump project is to size and design the system appropriately. Not too big & not too small.

Gridly and our network participants utilize the latest HVAC imaging software to create a 3-d picture of your home. Complete with dimensions, measurements and a science-based calculation of system size. Don't settle for old-school 'rule of thumb' sizing models, and choose Gridly to bring your home the design standards you deserve.

  • Smart Design

  • Efficient heat pumps from leading manufacturers

  • No more combustion in the home

  • Combine with Solar for low or no cost heating

To duct or not to duct

Often, you can utilize or repurpose existing ductwork to help facilitate a smooth transition from a fossil fuel-based heating and cooling system. On the flip side, if you do not have ductwork, it's not a problem. You can take advantage of systems such as ductless mini-splits or multi-splits that will help you manage the heating and cooling without the use of central ducting. 

Right-sized systems for maximized energy efficiencies

Ensuring your home heating and cooling system is the right size is imperative—and Gridly is here to help you understand just how that process works. In addition, Gridly helps you gain further understanding of how to best insulate the rest of your home in an envelope that maximizes the effectiveness of your heating and cooling systems.

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Energy action plan

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