Windows & Doors for Form and Function

Along with insulation, the performance of the windows and doors in your home are key building blocks of a great home weatherization plan. Two major things to focus on: (1) the type of window construction you have; and (2) the sealing and weatherization of your window and door openings. 
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How windows and doors affect home energy efficiency

As we’ve alluded to above, not all windows and doors are created equal—especially as it relates to the weatherization efforts of your home. Doors are constructed from many different materials, and in between the actual facade that you see, there are layers of material and insulation that make up the “guts.” Outside of ensuring that your door is properly fit and installed (with seals and weather stripping, etc.), the inner working of the door is where the value is. The material and insulation with the core of your door are what is going to keep your indoor environment in and the outdoor environment out. Obviously, this is what helps drive energy efficiency.

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Benefits of properly installed, quality windows and doors

Window Sealing and Air Penetration/Leakage. Even the best of windows and doors will not be effective if they are set in a faulty opening in the wall - or if aged trim, weatherstripping and insulation are allowing for excessive air leakage and infiltration.

You can get the answers to these questions with a virtual or onsite inspection from a qualified Home Performance Contractor. Gridly can help you incorporate that into an overall home energy action plan.

The key benefits to outfitting your home with properly installed and sufficiently rated doors include: 

  • Lower your energy costs by not allowing expended energy to escape. 
  • Tax incentives. Energy Star-rated doors come with financial incentives that help make them more affordable. 
  • Protect your home from the elements, which in turn keeps heating and cooling costs down inside the home. 
  • Reduces your carbon footprint. Doing good for your overall energy usage and cost while doing good for the earth. A win-win. 
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If your windows and doors are considered and structured to be a working piece of your overall energy efficiency strategy, you’re setting yourself up for an optimal energy ecosystem and reducing your overall carbon footprint.

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