About Gridly

Gridly was established to make residential energy transition an easy, friendly, affordable, and engaging user experience—driving a straightforward decision-making process that enables you to power your home, your way.


Gridly was born out of a need to provide homeowners with an uncomplicated process of exploring home energy transitions to help create a net-zero carbon ecosystem—on their own terms. We live in an app-driven world, so why not take the process of home energy conversion and placing the power in your hands?

The Gridly Mission

Gridly exists to accelerate the adoption of clean energy usage by homeowners across the United States. We believe that this can and will be accomplished by making the process as pleasant and non-intimidating as many other online consumer experiences.


Your key to energy independence is moments away.

Gridly’s innovative platform unlocks the mystery of home energy audits—providing you with an intuitive interface that delivers your home energy action plan with ease. Get yours today!
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