Gridly and home electrification

Here's how our easy and efficient whole home approach can work for you.

Start with a Gridly solectrify plan

An initial plan to get your home off fossils and into the best financial result possible. This is where our technology shines for you - the Gridly algorithm can draft a first version plan in moments!

When your home address is entered, our innovative platform instantly gathers key data about your home * and runs them through our robust building science algorithm. The result—a customized, prioritized plan, and a general cost range to convert your home from fossil fuel reliance to a renewable energy-fueled powerhouse.

All the steps in one place. Laid out in easy to follow language. Plus a dedicated Gridly advisor to guide you through and answer any questions. 

*Gridly accesses only publicly available information about your home and does not sell or offer your information to any outside parties without your consent.

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84% of homeowners

Express confusion about clean energy technology*.

Gridly exists to drastically improve that number

*Source: Stevens Tech Pulse Survey

Here is what you will see in your Gridly solectrify plan

These are the key building blocks of success in whole home electrification:

Converting your systems

to clean electric powered heat pump technology, induction cooking and EV chargers

RePowering to Solar energy

including the framework to zero out your fuel spend through net metering and proper solar system design

Projections & Budgeting

we estimate cost ranges and likely savings, plus all available rebates and tax credits for each part of the plan

Next Steps Outline

that defines the path forward to optimize product and vendor selection and firm price quotes.

woman on laptop

We refine the plan & create a detailed proposal & quote.

The Gridly algorithm is great, but sometimes we and you need a more detailed assessment, including a virtual or in-home visit.  From that additional detail, we determine the specifications required and turn that into a quote.

With the quote, our dedicated Gridly solectrify advisor helps you navigate the financing options and rebate and tax credit planning you will want to consider.

We coordinate the project to completion

With Gridly’s home energy profile and plan at your fingertips, you have the power to make informed decisions. A Gridly advisor and a qualified network of service providers are ready to deliver the results in line with your plan.

Your action plan is stored on a secure online and interactive portal, so it's easy to monitor results - during and even after initial install. Manage your journey to a net zero home with confidence.

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