Home Electrification 
Let's review the basics

"The process and action of eliminating fossil fuels as a source of energy in a residential dwelling, and replacing it with renewably sourced clean electricity fueling all systems in and around the home."

Also known as… net-zero home, home decarbonization, or home energy transition.

Electrify Your Home Systems

With renewable-sourced electricity at your home, it’s a good time to convert to heat pump heating, cooling and hot water heating, plus electric-based appliances like induction cooking. Gridly helps you understand the cost/benefit and positive carbon impact of converting your home systems.

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Insulate Your Home

Consider your doors, windows, applicable seals, and insulation when looking at the entirety of your home’s energy efficiency. Buttoning up your home envelope is essential to efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling.

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RePower to Solar

RePowering your home means converting your home energy sources from fossil fuels to clean, renewable electricity. Depending on where you live, there could be a variety of solutions such as rooftop or community solar.

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Monitor and Manage Usage

Once you’re up and running on clean power via electricity, it’s never been easier to track usage. Did you know how much heating oil you use per day to heat hot water? Maybe not. But with whole home electricity monitoring, that info will be as close as your mobile phone, tablet or desktop. 

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Energy action plan

Gridly’s innovative platform unlocks the mystery of home energy transition and whole home electrification—providing you with an intuitive interface to manage your home energy journey with confidence. 
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