Solectrification© Project Management

Now that you've decided to fully electrify your home, Gridly makes it happen

Your Gridly Project Manager is on point for your whole home energy conversion

Eliminating greenhouse gas producing systems from your home might feel like an overwhelming task, but it doesn't have to.  With Gridly, you will have a dedicated Solectrification Project Manager to handle all of the analysis, planning, and coordination of installation professional for you.  

Your Gridly Advisor will use industry leading tools and proprietary building science analytics to:

  • Determine the appropriate sized heat pump water heater for your specific needs
  • Calculate the needed capacity and most effective configuration for an efficient heat pump heating and cooling system.
  • Build a plan for a rooftop solar array that will maximize your opportunity offset or completely eliminate your home's energy expenses.

Solectrifying Your Home

Your Gridly Project Manager will oversee all of the work needed to convert your home systems, including:

  • Securing the best clean-tech professionals to perform the conversion work.
  • Scheduling the removal of old equipment and installing new, clean & efficient systems.
  • Process the paperwork required to obtain the maximum amount of incentives available.

Energy action plan

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