Solectrify your home.

The best home investment decision you'll make this year.

Eliminate your fuel spend & carbon footprint with Gridly. 

Gridly gets your house to net-zero, comfortably.

With a Gridly solectrify plan, you can rest easy because we handle the details.


Solar & Heat Pumps as a single solution 


No need for juggling lots of vendors with different skill sets. We make energy transition a one-stop solution.


Zero-down and low interest financing


We've found local lenders committed to net-zero loans in Massachusetts. Good rates and community support.


Rebate and Tax Credits detailed planning 


We show you how to maximize your rebates and credits and help you get all the paperwork in order.

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Solectrify your home and celebrate!

Research says a net-zero home is worth more $$.

Gridly will help you establish costs, estimated savings and your overall return on investment.